Kusters Engineering BV

The world’s economy has drastically changed the last decennium and producers must actively think beyond traditional borders, business models and technologies. Founded in 1911 the family owned company is one of open-minded pioneers with a proven history of innovation and entrepreneurship. They develop and build custom solutions for:

  • Banknote disintegration and coin crushing;
  • Recycling in the bio-based and circularly economies.

After 104 years of passion for entrepreneurship and curiosity, Kusters is today the world’s leading manufacturer of custom-designed banknote disintegration and coin crushing systems. The intelligent disintegrators meet the highest standards in high security media destruction systems and management information systems. And lastly, the recycling solutions, with its core in the DNA of Kusters, prove the ability to rethink sustainable recycling solutions for tomorrow’s business demands.

On 9 June 2011 they celebrated their 100th anniversary and Her Majesty the Queen of the Netherlands awarded Kusters with the title Royal Dutch. With Headquarters in Europe’s most inventive region and being part of ‘The Syntech Group’ gives them the network to co-create with people and partners across borders and cultures. Royal Dutch Kusters Engineering B.V. has a client group consisting of Central Banks, Banknote Printing Works and Mints and Institutes. Worldwide more than 400 systems are installed in over 74 different countries.

Their customer relationships are built on mutual trust and an outstanding quality standard for our technology. With that they pursue your and their business continuity.

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